Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Dribbling Drills, Cuts and Turns

Below are a few drills that you can try at home in the backyard. Those of you that were on my team last fall may remember these. These are all things that the kids can work on at home without needing a partner. The more they touch the ball the better they will get!

This firt one is a basic dribbling drill that is going to be fundamental. I'd love to see everyone work on these a little bit every day, and it's a drill that we'll be doing in practices:

These next few drills are highlighting some trick moves that you can use to beat your defender 1-on-1 with a quick move and dribble.


 Mathews Cut:

 Cruyff Turn:

Last but not least is this great video of the greatest player in the world, Lionel Messi. This shows how he chooses to beat his opponent when 1v1 with simple changes of direction and pace. The key is that when you make the cut to change direction, you do so with an additional burst of speed to take further advantage of your opponent being off balance or on his heels.

It's also important to notice how much space he has when he makes his move, he doesn't wait until he's right next to his opponent. You have to make your move at the right time, and often times players this age try to do it too late and too close to the defender.